The work of art should squeeze inside the viewer with all its components.

Maciej Durski

Maciej Durski – a Polish visual artist and abstract painter. In his art, he examines the formal possibilities of a two-dimensional work. He puts the greatest emphasis on its colors, composition and structure. His works are in the collection of the Gallery Quadrillion situated in Warsaw which was founded by Carmen Tarcha. Artistic achievements include both individual and group exhibitions. Creative experiments are significantly influenced by trips to Italy and Norway (eg. the plein-air in Tuscany organized by Carmen Tarcha, 2018).


Looking at the biographies of visual artists of different eras, one can get the impression that for many artists art was not a choice but an internal necessity. It seems that it is similar with Maciej Durski, who balances between the abstraction and figuratism. He has been painting consistently for thirty years. In an interview with the Rynek i Sztuka, the artist talks about the beginnings of his creative passion, painting evolution and inspirations.

Exhibition at Quadrilion Gallery

Maciej Durski

An artist

This unique event that took place at the Quadrilion gallery attracted many lovers of art and fashion. Why was it fashion? Because during the opening the artist – Maciej Durski together with Tomasz Jacykow – stylist, talked about the influence of art on fashion and vice versa. These two areas merge with each other, and extraordinary works of Maciej Durski can become an inspiration for the best fashion designers.

Tomasz Jacyków

A star stylist

People are open, they have ideas for different things and that’s cool. Did Piet Mondrian, when creating his paintings made of white, black, red, blue, and yellow rectangles in the 1920s, could have assumed that one day Ives Saint Laurent would use his one of his most famous paintings to create a dress that would become iconic ? Mondrian certainly did not think about it, but Ives Saint Laurent saw something in it, he saw the potential.

Photo: Tomasz Urbaniak

The vernissage of Maciej Durski’s works

at the Quadrilion Gallery

Fashion is made by people from the art world. Couture dresses often become works of art. And it usually looks like this – a lady wears such dress only once. Later it hangs in the dressing room, or if someone has a cabinet, it is sometimes exhibited and treated as a work of art.

Photo: Tomasz Urbaniak


Maciej Durski

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