In art, I am more fascinated by the creative process itself than by its effect. For me, working on a painting is the act of purest, artistic expression, which is why I never plan how the final work will look like. I transfer on canvas all the emotions and feelings, which I cannot define, and they begin to form a concrete shape, color, and matter. In this way, randomly colored spots and dynamic brush strokes overlap with humanoid silhouettes and images of human faces. Therefore, my creative work takes place from an accidental patch of color to a figurative detail of the representation.

Maciej Durski


Maciej Durski – a painter, and a graduate of the University of Zielona Góra at the Faculty of Sociology. In 1987-2000, he was a multiple laureate of the Regional Competition for Non-Professional Artists – Autumn Salon in Żary. In his art, he examines, above all, the formal possibilities of a two-dimensional work, with the greatest emphasis on its colors, composition, and texture. The creative experiments undertaken by Durski were significantly influenced by trips to the south of Italy, and later to Norway. Although his art can be described as a representational, it takes its source from abstraction – placing the figurative elements on colorful spots and undefined forms is the last stage of working on each painting.

What I am doing today is not a result of the decision I made once, but it is rather some sort of evolution and constant searching for means which allow me to transfer my feelings on the flat surface of the picture.

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